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Liquid Facelift in New York

The best doctor for a liquid facelift in NYC may just be Dr. Tal Dagan, with his extensive knowledge and experience in facial plastic surgery. Dr. Tal Dagan has become renowned for his groundbreaking use of 3-D printing and scanning techniques, which help his clients achieve the look they desire through minimally invasive procedures.

One of these procedures is the liquid facelift. The lifting, plumping, smoothing and facial contouring procedure is growing in popularity, and for good reason. Its longevity is anywhere from three months to five years, and the recovery time is up to four days.

Dr. Tal Dagan specializes in procedures, such as the liquid facelift, meaning clients are in good hands as soon as they reach out to his team. His work has been featured in publications ranging from the Huffington Post to the New York Daily News. Dr. Tal Dagan has also been recognized by the North Carolina Museum of Natural History in its highlight section on technological breakthroughs in medicine.


Performing hundreds of surgical procedures each year, Dr. Tal Dagan has the experience to back up the positive testimonials left by his patients on a rolling basis. The liquid facelift is one of the most popular procedures requested by his clients, and Dr. Tal Dagan continues to deliver positive results in New York City.


Many people may hear the term, “liquid facelift,” and are intrigued by the possibilities, but what exactly is this type of facelift? Furthermore, how is it beneficial long-term?

A liquid facelift involves injecting dermal fillers into the skin to create a plumper appearance. Unlike a surgical facelift, a liquid facelift does not involve any incisions, but it can provide similar benefits. Patients who are interested in getting rid of wrinkles may want to consider this method, and it might also be an option for those who are looking to reduce sagging of the skin.

There is no “right” time to have a liquid facelift, but the ideal time for facial rejuvenation of any sort is typically when patients reach their 40s or 50s. A liquid facelift may be an ideal option for those who are past this age range as well. Dr. Tal Dagan works closely with his clients to develop a plan to address their specific needs, meaning they are confident from the moment they begin working with his team.

Prior to consultations, a Patient Care Coordinator reaches out to Dr. Tal Dagan’s clients to gain more insight into their unique needs and priorities. This ensures that the actual consultation with Dr. Tal Dagan is as productive and personalized as possible.

Following the consultation, the Patient Care Coordinator helps clients schedule their procedure at their convenience. Any questions or concerns prior to the procedure can be addressed in a complimentary follow-up consultation.


There are a number of steps taken before, during and after a liquid facelift. Patients are asked to refrain from smoking and alcohol two weeks before the procedure and three weeks after it is completed to reduce the risk of complications. Aspirin, ibuprofen and aspirin-containing products should also be avoided one week before the procedure and two weeks afterward.

When the liquid facelift begins, a local anesthetic is given to numb a particular area of the face. Once this has gone into effect, the injections begin. The injections themselves may sting at first, but are generally tolerable throughout the process. Each injection takes a few minutes, and depending on the filler being used, all of them may be conducted in one session.

The ultimate goal of the liquid facelift is to address particular areas of the face that need sculpting, such as facial depressions, scars, and imperfections on the nose and cheeks. There are several different types of fillers on the market that may be used during a liquid facelift, which will be discussed prior to the procedure.

Medications for pain and antibiotics may be prescribed after the visit. These prescriptions should be obtained before the liquid facelift occurs to ensure that patients have them on hand immediately following the procedure. Vitamin C may also be taken by patients to help promote healing during the first two weeks following their facelift.


The best doctor to contact for a liquid facelift in NYC is Dr. Tal Dagan.
With extensive experience in the plastic surgery realm, Dr. Tal Dagan helps his patients achieve the looks they desire through means,
such as liquid facelifts, on a regular basis. With his knowledge, honest approach and expertise, clients
are made to feel as comfortable as possible from the moment they begin working with Dr. Tal Dagan and his team.
Don’t hesitate to explore the options available to you today.

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